Hey, I am confused where to go for bird watching in India.Can you please help?

“Hello.. Is this Asian Adventures? I’m planning to do some birding in India. It would be my first time visiting and I’m not that familiar. I’d like to know what you can suggest.”

“Good morning. Well we actually have a lot of birding tours available. But since it is your first time, might I suggest North India?”

“North India? Won’t that just be the endless fields they show in Bollywood movies? I don’t think I’d get much birding done there.”

“Well actually ma’am, our tour does visit a variety of areas. You have the opportunity to see wetland birds in Bharatpur, Indian Skimmers at Chambal, and then Himalayan birds in Pangot. We also have a visit to Corbett National Park, where you can see tigers, elephants, Great Hornbills, and so much more!”

“Hmmm… sounds good. But let me be honest… How fruitful is this tour going to be? I’ve got quite a big target list. I went on a tour once and the local guy didn’t know anything.”

“All of our birding tours are handcrafted to give you the best possible results. If you let us know your specific target list, the tour can be modified in order to get you as many species as possible. And you don’t need to worry about our guides. They’re highly familiar with the destinations, so I can ensure you that you will have the best possible sightings.”

“Well that’s comforting. Will there be much walking or trekking involved? I’m afraid my body doesn’t keep up with my enthusiasm.”

“Ma’am, I can guarantee that both your travel and accommodation will be comfortable. With regard to your physical restrictions, our local guides will assist you as best they can, and accommodation and birding sites will be chosen accordingly.”

“And what kind of photography can I get done? It would be a shame to come all the way and have no photographs to remember the trip.”

“If it’s birds or animals you’d like to photograph, our guides will make sure that you get the best opportunities to click your targets. May I add that you can get some spectacular shots of the landscapes as well? The Himalayan views on the way to Pangot are especially great.”

“Thanks a lot for your help. This does sound interesting. I think I’ll definitely consider it.”

“You’re most welcome ma’am. If you have any more queries, do feel free to contact us.”


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