Road Transport

Our guides and drivers can communicate in English and they will ensure you have a hassle-free journey

Although you Indian Railways are the world’s most reliable transport, however, we not only provide you a tour escort our travel consultant will also remain in constant touch with you during your journey

Of course, all the bus and the car will possess seat belts ensuring your safety during the trip

At least 18 people can be accommodated in large vehicle and 5 people can be accommodated in small vehicle

In India there is a speed limit for both small and large vehicles and therefore you will experience a slow down during the tour

Minimum carbon emission vehicles will be arranged for your during the trip to promote the cause of zero carbon footprint. Although small vehicles are most preferable because they can be easily taken to the inaccessible and secluded regions of the tour. However as per the size of the group we also provide large vehicles.

During your private tours you will be provided with independent vehicle which is not shared by any other guest.

The cars and hotels are cleaned every day and the drive posses all the route knowledge that will make your trip hassle free. We also ensure that the driver is well-attired and follows cleanliness rules and does not have any intoxication habits. 

You have to intimate us in advance so that we can arrange a wheelchair before the tour begins.

Although we don’t encourage plastic bottles to promote the cause of low carbon footprint, however on demand it will be arranged attached with an extra cos